Top Tips For A Fun And Safe Off-Roading Adventure

If you’re keen to do some off road exploring with friends or family, there are a few precautions you should take to ensure that your journey is a fun and safe one.

Hotcars recently offered some advice to anyone planning to go off-roading. One of the most important is to always go with a friend, because they will be able to help you if your vehicle breaks down, gets stuck or if you get injured.

It’s sensible to have CB radios too, so that you can call for help if you’re in an area where mobile phone signal is patchy or non-existent.

Knowing how your vehicle works, particularly the traction control, is vital, as is having a good understanding of your ground clearance to prevent you getting stuck on any obstacles you’re trying to go over.

If you’re new to off-roading, it’s advisable to have a spotter who’s more experienced than you in the vehicle. They can warn you about upcoming obstacles, and ensure you navigate them safely.

Once you’re out on the trails, the advice is to be flexible. If it doesn’t look safe to continue either because of the weather or if your vehicle is damaged, it’s much better to call it a day than carry on.

If you are going to go off-roading, make sure you do so in an area where it’s permitted. Spire FM recently reported that police in Wiltshire are currently cracking down on drivers who go off-roading on Salisbury Plain because there are some who are failing to stick to the designated off-road routes.

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