Sirio super 900 blue line mobile CB radio aerial or HAM Antenna

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Sirio Super 9 blue line Mobile CB Radio Antenna which has superseded the Mythos 900s

similar design antenna to the Mythos 9000 the Super 900 is a 5/8 wave mobile antenna with the same type of base loaded coil. It also features a tuning disc in between the base load coil and centre loaded spring. Comes complete with compact ”NP” base and connection cable

please note that Sirio does not supply a pl259 with their kits!


• CB & 10m Mobile antennas
• Tunable from 27 to 28.5 MHz
• MYTHOS 900 S: 17/7 PH stainless steel spring whip
• 180° inclination and adjustable whip. detachable for car-wash
• Wide range of optional mounting bases available
• Suitable for magnetic mount

Electrical Data
• Type: base loaded
• Frequency range: 27-28.5 MHz
• Impedance: 50Ω unbalanced
• Radiation (H-plane): 360° omnidirectional
• Polarization: vertical
• Bandwidth @ SWR ≤ 2:
MYTHOS 900S: ≥ 1170 KHz
• SWR @ res. freq.: ≤ 1.2
• Max. power:
MYTHOS 900 S: 15 Watts (CW) continuous. 150 Watts (CW) short time
• Standard mount: "N"
• Cable lenght / Type: 4 m / RG 58

Mechanical Data
• Materials: Brass. Copper. Nylon. Stainless Steel
• Height (approx.):
MYTHOS 900 S: 640 mm
• Weight (approx.):
MYTHOS 900 S: 760 gr
• Mounting hole: Ø 12.5 mm.

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