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1m Length of High Quality RG-213U Mill Spec. (MIL-C-17-G)

Select the amount of meters required in the quantity box upon checkout (MIN 10M)

you will receive 1 continues length if you buy multiples i.e. if you select 10 you will get a 10m length. 20 will be 20m length and so on

I (m0jpm) believe this is the best quality RG213 for the money.

Our Low Loss RG213U has a Thick copper mesh woven 98% braid and stranded core. and is of mil spec

This coax is suitable for all transmission applications like:

  • CB radio
  • HAM Radio
  • Taxi Antennas
  • VHF / UHF
  • Pirate Radio

or any application where low loss cable is required


  • Size: 9mm (9.65mm) Military spec 
  • Impedance: 50 Ohms 
  • Core: 7 X 0.72mm
  • Braid: 98% 192 X 0.20 
  • Loss per 10M @ 100MHz: 0.7dBd
  • Colour black 

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