CB radio replacement hand mic 4 pin Cobra / Uniden / superstar wired

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”Coffin” shaped popular hand-held microphone. suitable for all types of radio communication equipment.

This listing is for the UNIDEN wired but also available without plug or with plug connected for various different CB radios wiring codes.
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with 4pin plug wired for Uniden wirered CB radios

Depending on which supplier we get them from you will receive an identical Coffin mic but might have a different label. in the picture it shows CRT but could say something else instead

Technical Specifications:


Omni-directional dynamic


-76dB +/- 4dB


500 ohm at 1 KHz

Frequency Response

200-5 KHz


6ft curly rubberised cable (3 core + 1 shield)

Additional information

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