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Why A CB Radio Is A Good Investment

Citizen band (CB) radios are a great piece of kit to buy, especially if you find yourself out and about in remote areas on a regular basis.

The team over at Popular Mechanics have recently been explaining why it’s worth picking up a CB radio for everyday use.

So, why choose a CB radio? One of their main advantages is that you don’t need a licence to operate one. That means you can get started using it as soon as you pick it up from the shop.

They are also an affordable option, so if you’re looking for a way to communicate with others that isn’t a mobile phone, this is a great choice.

You might be wondering why CB radios still have a place in this era of constantly-on mobiles. Well, not everywhere has reliable mobile phone signal and a CB radio can be a godsend in this situation.

If you work in more remote areas, or run a farm and have multiple employees across your land, they are a good investment. You should be aware that they don’t typically have a range of more than 15 miles, and their signal can be line-of-sight sensitive, according to the website, which means if you’re mobile you might lose signal occasionally.

They’re also a good piece of equipment for businesses to use, especially the likes of construction companies that may have multiple employees spread across a site and need a reliable (and weather-proof) way of communicating with one another.

Earlier this year, Farming UK highlighted the merits of CB radios in agriculture over mobile phones, noting that one of the big advantages is that everyone can hear the messages over the radio channel without having to stop what they’re doing to pick the radio up.

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