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Top Locations To Go Off-Roading In 2019

If you want to make 2019 the year of adventure, why not embark on some off-roading experiences that will certainly get your heart pumping. Here is our pick of the best locations in the UK to enjoy a 4×4 getaway over the next 12 months.

­Ultra Adventure Driving

If you are relatively new to off-roading, Ultra Adventure Driving could be the ideal place to start. It provides training sessions to teach everything from the basics to advanced techniques, so you are equipped with the right skills to enjoy your adventure.

What’s more, its sites offer both purpose-built courses as well as natural terrain, enabling drivers of all abilities to find what they want here. Novice motorists will be able to explore gentle slopes, while those with more experience under their belt can venture out on to muddy hills, ditches, and river crossings, and even tackle rocky climbs.

With 20 sites across the UK, you are likely to be able to access an Ultra Adventure Driving course wherever you are.


Though perhaps better known for its Formula-One circuit and fast car tracks, Silverstone also offers great opportunities for those in four-wheeled drives.

Do not think you will be let off easily with the course here, as it is full of big drops, water sections, and steep slopes.

This is a great track for those who love getting behind the wheel, and will challenge your precision handling.

True Grip Off Road Limited

True Grip is based on the Eastwell Park Estate in Kent, making it an ideal location for those living in south-east England. However, it might also be worth the drive to get to it wherever you are in the UK, as it offers some great tracks for off-roaders.

You can find everything you need here, no matter what your experience is, with its professional training sessions, exclusive hire, and highly experienced instructors. It also has junior off-road courses, so if you fancy getting your young ones involved in your passion, this could be the ideal place to head to.


Of course, many off-roaders prefer a more authentic experience, and prefer heading out into the wilderness to purpose-built courses. If this sounds like you, take a look at the best green lane sites in the UK at the Green Lane Association.

The best way to find green roads is to get hold of your local Ordnance Survey Map and look for Public Rights of Way that are Byways Open to All Traffic (BOAT) or ORPA, UCR or Unclassified Road under lanes that are labelled Other Public Access.

Once you have established it is legal to drive along a route, it is a good idea to check whether they are actually passable by looking on TrailWise. Or if you want to be totally sure, go to your council’s Right Of Way Department and ask for its Definite Map.

This may sound like a lot of wok, but it will be worth it when you find a route that allows you to enjoy the ultimate, genuine off-road experience while remaining safe.

Wherever you choose to go, do not forget to pack a good-quality CB Radio Aerials, so you can get in touch with emergency services and have two-way communication throughout your experience.

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