TTI TCB-900 EVO Compact CB Radio, 80 channel 40UK 40EU AM FM

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The TTI TCB-900 EVO,

The TTI TCB-900 EVO CB radio is the latest model in the TTI CB range with an integral front speaker developed to give outstanding performance with clear and crisp audio. Out of the box it has the option for either a traditional bracket mount or it can be mounted in a DIN sized hole.

The TCB-900 also has a very short back making it easy to fit in apertures of limited size and also includes a three colour selectable LCD display.

The TTi 900 is designed with the trucker in mind and to fit in vehicles where space is limited – with a depth of only 94mm (excluding antenna socket) it is the shortest CB available from any manufacturer.

Combined with the front mounted speaker & front mic socket, this makes it ideal where space is limited.

The display is also larger than any other radio I can think of – making it very easy to read, wherever you mount the radio. The display can be easily switched to 3 different colours from a button on the front of the radio.

The radio is supplied with a “standard” under-dash mount, but an optional DIN adapter is available (£14.95) for fitting it into a standard radio slot in a vehicle.


  • · 4W Output power
  • · Front mounted speaker
  • · Short Body
  • · DIN size
  • · 12/24V input
  • · Multiple bands for usage in most EU countries
  • · AM/FM Operation (subject to country regulation)
  • · DSS (Dynamic Squelch System)
  • · Multi-Colour Backlighting
  • · Emergency Channel(9/19) / Keypad Lock function button
  • · Microphone Gain
  • · Attenuation
  • · Scan function
  • · Speaker Mute
  • · Menu Mode (Microphone Gain, Call tone, Beep Tone On/Off, TOT, Backlight Dimmer)
  • · Dimension (W x H x L) : 170 x 51 x 94mm

Technical specifications:

  • Channel: 40
  • Frequency Range: 26.965 MHz – 27.99125 MHz (26.965 MHz – 27.405 MHz (CEPT), (27.60125 MHz – 27.99125MHz (UK)
  • Operating Mode: F3E (FM), A3E (AM)
  • Frequency Control: PLL Synthesizer
  • Frequency Tolerance: 0.002%
  • Operating Temperature Range: -10 to 55 Degres Celcius
  • Microphone: 6 Pin plug in type
  • Antenna Connector: SO239 Type
  • Weight: 978.5g
  • Power Output: Duty cycle 10% 4Watts @13.8V DC
  • Modulation: AM (85% to 95%), FM (1.8KHz +- 0.2KHz)
  • Frequency Response: 300Hz to 3000Hz
  • Output Impedance: 50 ohms, Unbalanced
  • Harmonic Suppression: Less than -54dBm
  • Current Drain: AM Full Mod. 1.6A Max
  • Receiving system: Dual conversion super-heterodyne
  • IF Frequencies: Double Conversion 1st 10.695MHz / 2nd 455KHz
  • Sensitivity: 0.7uV for 10dB (S+N)/N in AM, 0.5uV for 20dB SINAD in FM mode
  • Audio Output Power: 4.0W @ 8 ohm
  • Audio Distortion: Less then 8% @ 1KHz
  • Image Rejection: More than 60dB
  • Adjacent Channel Rejection: More than 60dB
  • Conducted Spurious: Less than -57 dBm
  • Frequency Response: 300 to 2500Hz
  • Built-in Speaker: 8 ohms, round
  • Squelch: Adjustable; Threshold less than 1 microvolt, DSS; Less than 2 microvolt


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