ScanKing royal discone RX 20-2000MHz TX 6/2m 70/23cm amateur scanner...

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ScanKing Royal Discone


A superior wideband omni-directional Base antenna covering 25-2000MHz.

not only receives but can also transmit on 144. 430. 900 & 1200 MHz bands with a maximum power rating of 50 watts.

Stainless steel and aluminium construction complete with mounting kit and short pole. MAST NOT INCLUDED


  • Type: Scanking Royal Discone 2000 Antenna
  • Frequency: RX 25-2000
  • Frequency: TX: 50-52/144-146/430-440/900-986/1240-1325 MHz
  • Gain: 4.5dBi over standard discone 
  • Length: 155cm
  • Mast: Upto 50mm
  • Radials: 8 X 83cm 8 X 29cm
  • Connection: N-type


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