RM KL203/P 100 Watt linear Amplifier Burner Boots for CB...

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The RM MOD KL203 is designed to operate on 25-30MHz . Pls note OFCOM regulations only permit 4w maximum power on UK CB equipment.

To use it on 10m amateur radio band a valid license is required

Technical Specifications (KL203/p):

      • Frequency: 20-30 MHz
      • Supply: 12-14 Vcc
      • Input energy/power: 10 A
      • Input power: 0.5-10W
      • Output power:100W Max
      • Mode: AM-FM-SSB-CW
      • Fuse: 12 A
      • Size: 109 X 125 X 35mm
      • Weight: 325g
      • Antenna preamplifier: 26 dB

PLEASE NOTE: Do not EXCEED Input Power – The manufacturers RM Italy do not repair any amplifiers that have been over driven by mistake under warranty and charges are very expensive – If you are unsure please call or email for further details

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