Retractable Gear-Keeper Mic-Keeper

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Retractable CB radio Mic-rophone Holder the gear keeper

this is the authentic Hammerhead USA product not the alibaba copy!

Grab Your Mic. Use It. Let It Go – It retracts back up to the headliner.
Secures the Mic in cab so that its easily extended during use. eliminating the need to re-hang on Clip. Avoid the bungie cord problems (swinging. getting hit in the head. or dropping). You can adjust the hanging level. if necessary with the lanyard extension. Even when the Mic is hung for maximum extension. the swinging is significantly less than with a bungie cord! Includes elastic lanyard loop for mic button.

Nylon Coated Stainless Steel Cable
Stainless Steel Spring and Hardware
Extension 71 cm (28 inch)
Retraction Force 255 gr (28 oz)
Breaking Strength 27.2 kg (60 lbs.)

Snap Clip Mount
Attaches to D-Ring (included)



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