President Lincoln II Plus V3 10/12M Mobile CB Transceiver



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LINCOLNII+ – Smaller In Size – Loaded With Features! Amazing SSB Performance Out Of The Box. Catch the band openings with this rock solid stable mobile radio.

All new UPDATED model, the President Lincoln II Plus

New features:
 Improved Echo (Fully adjustable delay)
 Improved Power Output (50 Watts PeP)
 6-Pin Wireless Microphone Compatible
 Expanded Frequency Coverage, now includes 12 meters!

New from President is the Lincoln II, the new and improved brother to the original President Lincolns from yesteryear. The Lincoln II digital amateur HAM radio is slimmer in size than its predecessor and comes with the ability to change background display colors between amber, blue, or green to fit your needs. Another nice addition is the Automatic Squelch Control, which automatically suppresses undesirable background noise when the squelch control is all the way down. If you move the control up it disables the ASC and allows for manual squelch adjustment.

SWR1.2 with dummy load
Impedance50 ohm
AM Carrier (low w/ 50W slug)2W
AM Carrier (high w/ 50W slug)12W
AM Modulation (PeP w/ 100W slug)50W
SSB (w/ 100W slug)42W

Dosy TC4001

SWR1.2 with dummy load – 1.5 with Antron A99 Antenna
Impedance50 ohm
AM Carrier (low @ 20W scale)2-3W
AM Carrier (high @ 20W scale)9-12W
AM Modulation (PeP @ 200W scale)30W

Standard Specifications

Height52mm (2in)
Width170mm (6.7in)
Length250mm (9.8in)
*NOTE* The manual suggests using a 6A fuse, however the stock power cord uses a 15A fuse. This radio can draw slightly over 5A when modulating, we suggest ignoring the mis-print in the manual and using the actual fuse included with the radio. At least 10A, no more than 15A.


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