Portable CB radio PNI HP 82, multi standard, 4W, 12V, AM-FM, NRC, Roger Beep

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Multi-standard CB Handheld

The PNI Escort HP 82 is a multi-standard portable CB radio, which means it can operate on several frequency bands used in different countries in Europe.
The station has 7 standards (EU, CE, PL, I2, DE, IN) and defaults to the EU 4W AM/FM standard.

NRC (Noise Reduction Circuit) function

The PNI Escort HP 82 features a noise reduction circuit (NRC) that helps improve the quality of the received sound. Press the NRC key on the station and you will immediately notice the difference. Together with the adjustable ASQ and SQ functions (5 and 25 levels respectively) you will get exceptional reception quality.

PNI Escort HP 82 is the first portable station in the world with NRC function. The function is programmable through the free software and programming cable code: PNI-PSR2030.


The PNI Escort HP 82 has the Dual Watch function, which allows you to monitor two different channels at the same time, and the Roger Beep function that signals the end of a broadcast with a beep.

You can customize the sound at the end of the broadcast by installing the optional Echo and Roger Beep module, PNI ECH01, in the station.

The PNI Escort HP 82 also has the TOT (Time Out Timer) function, which limits the transmission time to prevent the station from overshooting and over-occupying the frequency.

LCR (Last Channel Recall) function, allows you to quickly return to the last channel you used for more than 5 seconds.

Other functions

The station also has a FUNC button to quickly customize important functions such as key tone, VOX and Roger Beep levels, and a Monitor function, which allows you to listen to the current channel without transmitting.

In addition, the PNI Escort HP 82 has a power selection function that allows you to choose between low (1.5 W) and high (4 W) emission power and a key lock function that prevents accidental button presses.

Mobile or portable CB station

The PNI Escort HP 82 can be used both as a mobile station by installing the 12V car cigarette lighter plug adapter and the connector for the external antenna, but also as a portable station by connecting the 240 mm BNC antenna and the 1800mAh Li-Ion battery.

Warning! Do not use the DC adapter together with the BNC antenna.

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