PNI ML160, cb aerial with mag mount 155 cm, 26-30MHz

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PNI ML160, cb aerial with mag mount 155 cm, 26-30MHz


The performance of the PNI ML160 product is closely related to the technical characteristics that the antenna has in ideal conditions of installation and use: SWR <= 1.1, Maximum applied power 600 W, impedance 50 Ohms, Stainless steel, etc.

Communication distance

The communication distance is another decisive factor in the purchase and use of a CB antenna. Thus, the maximum communication distance of 15 km or even more is achieved under ideal working conditions: calibrated antenna, open field without obstacles, the station with the legally permitted maximum power of 4W and with a standard reception. Any obstacle such as: hills, mountains, buildings, walls can reduce this distance.


The length of the PNI ML160 antenna is another very important factor that can influence the communication distance in traffic. Thus, the longer the antenna, the greater the communication distance / range.

Full package

This antenna is ready for assembly with: antenna, magnetic base, Allen key for calibration. All you have to do is mount the magnetic base, connect it to a CB radio station and calibrate it to use it at maximum performance.

Magnetic base

The magnetic base in this package is provided with a 4 m cable, enough for placing the antenna on the dome, and a diameter of 145 mm with a strong magnet that gives the antenna stability even at very high speeds.

Product identification
Work tape? B
Product color (spike)Silver
General characteristics
Working frequency25 – 30 MHz
Number of channels90
Minimum SWR in the center of the band1.0
Length155 cm (including base)
Impedance50 Ohms
MaterialStainless steel
Connector type
I earn1 – 2 dBi
Working distance15 km
Magnetic base145 mm
The package contains
Radio station antennaYes
RG58 cable4 m
Plug PL259Yes
Magnetic base145 mm

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