Mini8 30m Low loss coax RG8x 2 PL259 CB or HAM radio coaxial cable

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30 Metres of Extremely low loss RG8 (or mini8) coax cable.

similar electrical specifications as RG213UBX but diameter similar to RG58.
making it very flexible to use in all applications requiring long cable runs.

Comes with one plug soldered on for your convenience so you could run it into your shack through a hole in the wall etc.

Dont be fooled by cheaper alternatives sold elsewhere on Ebay.

Our cable has a Foam polyethylene dielectric and stranded copper core with a 95% woven copper Braidmaking it very flexible

Available in Various Length 10.15. 20. 25. 30 and 40m from our ebay shop.

  • High quality Low Loss co-axial cable
  • Plain copper inner conductor
  • Foam polyethylene dielectric
  • Plain copper outer conductor
  • Low smoke and fume polyvinyl-chloride sheath
  • Impedance 50 ohms
  • Sheath diameter 6.1mm
  • Capacitance 80pF/m
  • Velocity ratio 80%
  • Screening effectiveness 100-900 Mhz >55
  • Attenuation¬† :- dB/100m
  • 50Mhz – 7.2
  • 100Mhz – 10.5
  • 400Mhz – 22.2
  • 600Mhz – 27.6
  • 860Mhz – 33.9
  • 1000Mhz – 37.0
  • 2400Mhz – 64.5

if you want us to solder both plugs don’t hesitate to contact us with your request

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