Mini Springer CB Radio Antenna and 4 Bolt Bar 2 way Mirror mount Aerial Kit

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The 4 bolt bar mount kit complete with 3/8 snail mount and approx. 3 meters of RG58 Cable with a PL259 UHF Plug fitted.
heavy duty CB mount designed to fit onto a horizontal arm of a mirror. roof racks and Bull bars.
Will fit on any bar or mirror arm from 8mm to 25 mm diameter. 

Mini Springer/Stinger

Comes Black as standard but the user can choose from a range of  the following colours :

Red. white. blue. yellow. green. orange. chrome.

Please email if you are a UK customer and would like a colour of your choice.

For southern Ireland and Europe and the rest of the world we can offer a choice of Black or Chrome.

The most popular rugged base loaded CB antenna available on the market

heavy duty with flexibility ideal for Truckers. farmers and off road drivers.

The mini Springer/Stinger was designed by Sigma back in the early 90’s and still

continues to be our seller.

Technical Specifications

  • Base Loaded mobile antenna
  • Power handling 1000 watts
  • Length 0.90 m
  • Coil length 130 mm
  • Coil diameter 45 mm
  • Impedance 50 Ohms
  • Frequency 26-28 MHz
  • SWR 1:1.5
  • Fitting 3/8 unf
  • Whip 17.7 ph Stainless Steel

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