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The LWHF-40 is a long wire antenna made in the UK incorporating a 9:1 UNUN at the feed point enabling it to be fed directly with 50 ohm coaxial cable.

At 10m in length. this Antenna is capable of operating on all HF bands from 40m (7MHz) to 6 meters (52 MHz) via an ATU.

It may be mounted Straight. as an Inverted “V” or Sloper. It may also be bent or dog-legged to fit in available garden space.

Capable of handling up to 400W CW or 500W PEP.

Specification :

  • Type: End Fed Wire Antenna
  • Frequency: 7 – 52 MHz
  • Band: 40-6m
  • Power handling 400W CW or 500W PEP
  • Impedance 50 Ohms
  • Connector SO-239
  • Length 10 Meters
  • COPPER FlexWeave Wire
  • Made in Great Britain

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