LM-30 25 to 30 Amp regulated variable voltage linear power supply pack

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LM30 DC regulated Linear power supply with adjustable voltage output from 1.5V DC to 15V DC. ideal for powering most of the HF transceivers.

It has been designed for various applications. including HAM/Amateur users where reliability. protection and immunity to RF are important.

The power supply provides an Analogue display to show output voltage and output current. Several output connectors are provided for convenience and flexibility and it also has short circuit and current limitation protection.

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* Variable voltage output (Adjustable from 1.5V DC to 15V DC)
* DC Regulated
* Main Switch. Power Light. Output voltage adjusting knob.
  Output 20/30 Amp  Positive and Negative binding posts.
* Ammeter/Voltmeter (“A” shows Current Output and “V” shows Voltage Output)
* Output socket for cigarette lighter plug (10 Amp Max)
* Output Terminal Blocks (3 Amp Max per pair)
* Panel Mount Fuse
* Short Circuit. Current Limitation protection
* Input Voltage: 220V 50Hz+/-2Hz
* Output Voltage: 1.5V – 15V Continuous
* Current Output: 30A Max / 20A Continuous
* Load Regulation: <1%
* Electric Wave: <10mv
* Environmental: Temperature – 0 – 40 degree Celcius
                           Humidity – <RH80%
                           Atmospheric Pressure – 86Kpa – 104Kpa
* Dimensions: 240mm x 300mm x 150mm
* Weight: 8.9kg

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