TTI TCB 5289 High Power mobile CB radio by Anytone AM FM UK EU

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The TTI TCB-5289

TTI TCB-5289 by Anytone is a CB Radio designed for communication at long distances between cars

  • The TTI TCB-5289 is a High power CBradio operating in the AM / FM CB band. Multi Norm so UK40 and EU 40 as Standard. It has many features that can be customized by programming software.
  • The TTI TCB-5289 is equipped with a multitude of functions that make it a complex product tailored to the needs of the most demanding users of the CB band: Squelch manual and automatic – to reduce the comfort of background jitter to the limit of comfort; TOT (Timer Out Timer) – to adjust the emission limit time; Scan – for scanning CB channels; Channel memory; Dual watch – for simultaneous monitoring of two channels; Noise blanker – filter to reduce the noise from the received signal; and Roger
  • Some of the Radios functions can be customized through the (optional) programming software and cable. The Radio has a dedicated port on the back panel to connect the programming cable (not included).
  • The TTI TCB-5289 includes a 6-pin microphone and the accessories needed to fix the Radio and the microphone. The power cord does not include the cigarette lighter socket.

Technical details:

Product Identification
Product code TTI-TCB5289
Manufacturer TTi

General characteristics:

Model Furniture
AM/ FM broadcast band type
Frequency 28.000-29.700MHz (programmable)/ 25.615-30.105MHz
6 pins microphone type
3 W speaker power
Sensitivity (20dB SINAD) 0.8uV -113 dBm FM/ 1.5uV -103 dBm AM
Audio signal distortion less than 5% @ 1KHz
Emission power 4. 15. 50W FM – 4. 15W AM
Power supply 13.2 V
Absorbed current max. 11A
Dimensions (L x H x D/ Weight) 15.8 X 4.8 X 16.5 mm/ 1.1 kg

Special features:

Dual Watch
Channel scanning
Emergency channel button
Roger Beep
Blue multicolour screen
8-channel memory channels
Echo function
CTCSS/ DCS (coder/ decoder)
Squelch manual
TOT (Time Out Timer)
Rear panel connections
Additional speaker connection

The package contains:

CB Radio
Mounting Bracket and Thumb screws
Microphone Clip and screws
Power Lead
User manual.


Additional information

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