Handheld CB Radio PNI Escort HP 62 Multi Standard FM 40 UK 40 EU

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Escort HP 62 CB Radio Hand Held

please note this handheld will need to be set for the UK prior to first operation and be aware that with the small aerial it does not perform the same as a regular CB setup!

The Escort HP 62 MULTI is a small-size portable CB transceiver which guarantees the best performance even under heavy conditions. What is unique to this innovative transceiver is the capability to select any of the European CB bands with an easy and fast procedure. The Escort HP 62 MULTI has a built-in Channel Phase Loop synthesizer(PLL) circuit and an automatic battery economy circuit. The wide display can be illuminated and allows for night operation. Optional microphones can be connected to the equipment thanks to the external mike plug situated on the upper side of the radio. The unit is preset at the factory on the EC band, CEPT 40CH FM 4W.

Features, Functions and Specifications:
Channels: 40 / 80 see Frequency band chart
Frequency range: 25.615 – 30.105MHz
Operating mode: F3E(FM)
Antenna impedance: 50 Ohm
Loudspeaker: 8 Ohm 0.5W
Microphone: condenser type
Power supply: 7.2 / 13,2 nom 12V
Dimensions: 30 x 70 x 140 mm
Weight: 220 gr.(without batteries)

Sensitivity at 10dB S/N: 0.5uV(AM), 0.25uV(FM)
Selectivity: more than 60dB
Squelch range: 0.25V-500uV
Audio output power: 0.5W 8ohm(10%distortion)
Distortion at 1000uV: 3%
Audio frequency response: 400 – 2400 Hz
Intermediate frequency: first 10.695 MHz, second 455 KHz
Spurious response: more than 60 dB
Current drain at stanby: 100 mA when the save mode is off, 40 mA when the save mode is on

RF Output Power: duty cycle 10% 4W AM/FM
Frequency Tolerance: 0.005%
Harmonic Suppression: more than 70 dB
Current Drain: 900 mA
Modulation: AM 90% (+/-5%), FM dev. 2.0 KHz

Please Note:

This Hand Held only runs on AA Batteries, there is no charger or in car adapter included just a refillable battery case

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