G5RV Full size PVC Coated Thick Superior Copper Flex Weave

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Our superior G5RV MULTI BAND  Wire Antenna.

The G5RV invented in 1946 by Louis Varney (G5RV)is one of the most widely used wire antennas in the world.

Our G5RV measures 102′ and works best as an inverted V

Our superior range is made with Quality 300 Ohm ladder feed and plastic coated poly weave which is extremely strong.

This G5RV will last you many years.


Frequency 7-30 MHz
Bands 80-10 metres
Full length 102 feet
2 x 51 feet Poly weave copper
wire elements
USA Ladder ribbon cable
Feeder terminated in SO-239 Socket
2 x dog bone insulators
Complete with instruction sheet
Made In Great Britain



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