f-zero 10m high quality low loss coax feeder formula zero rg213

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 New Formula Zero high performance very low loss coax cable.

Moonrakers westflex equivalent also with solid copper core copper foil and copper braid

Formula Zero coax cable is low loss 50 Ohm coaxial cable suitable for video. RF signal and broadcast transmissions.

It is our professional low loss cable and has been specifically formulated and designed to get as close to ‘Zero Loss’ as possible – see the outstanding loss performance statistics below.

Key Specifications

  • Outer Diameter 10.2 mm  
  • Impedence 50 Ohm
  • Copper Inner conductor 2.72 mm
  • Screening Copper foil and braid giving 100% shield
  • Velocity factor 0.818

Insertion Losses

  • Loss: 5 MHz 0.78 dBd (Per 100m)
  • Loss: 10 MHz 1.4 dBd (Per 100m)
  • Loss: 30 MHz 2.35 dBd (Per 100m)
  • Loss: 50 MHz 2.92 dBd (Per 100m)
  • Loss: 100 MHz 4.5 dBd (Per 100m)
  • Loss: 200 MHz 6.32 dBd (Per 100m)
  • Loss: 400MHz 09.87 dBd (Per 100m)
  • Loss: 1000MHz 16.71 dBd (Per 100m)

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