CRT SS6900N Latest version 10m Multi-mode AM FM SSB Superstar SS 6900 n

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SS6900n v6

The  SS6900 is a 10M band multimode transceiver that is PC programmable to give expanded frequency range and customized features. Although this transceiver has been available under various brands. the SS6900 with BLUE LED display is latest improved version with better features and firmware. Please note each radio is supplied as a standard 10M band transceiver only. modification can easily be done. we will include instructions how to put the radio in export mode. which can be done by pushing a sequence of buttons on the front.  however by law this is not permitted for use in the UK. 

Frequencies: 28‑29.7 Mhz (export: 25.615 to 30 Mhz)
Fully programmable by software
OUTPUT POWER: 12w AM 40w FM ‑ 30w SSB
Microphone 4 pin UP/DOWN with automatic squelch
Standard default features:
Blue frequencies meter 7 digits
Blue channel LCD Display
Blue retro lighting
Automatic Squelch
Dual Watch
Emergency call
Roger beep
RF Gain
SWR Meter
Noise Blanker & ANL function
+10 KHz function
Protection against high input voltage >16 volts PC programmable
Protection against bad SWR
Adjust echo (delay and repeat)
Power Level Adjust AM/FM only
Multifunction clarifier
Following extra features are only available in export mode or programmable by software:
Beep On/Off
Scan list and scan function
Keyboard lock
TOT – Time Out Timer
S/RF Function
Note: RESET FUNCTION and FUNCTION MENU SETUP are only available in export Mode
Programmable by software:
TOT (Time‑out‑Timer)
Frequencies Step: 10Hz‑100Hz‑1KHz‑10KHz
Roger beep tone
CW tone
Squelch level protection
Display: TX frequencies. SWR. power level …
Squelch level AM/FM/SSB
Power supply voltage protection level.

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