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Our package is build around the CRT Mini Mobile Multi Standard CB radio and completed with our springer aerial and flatbar mirror mount. (please choose aerial size and colour upon checkout)

The CRT S-MINI resembles great similarity with the Midland 203

This is an Ideal beginners radio.

The radio is Compact and with only the basic functions needed for simple two way communication.

This radio is ready for the change in july 2014 when AM mode of operation is allowed on CEPT (mid band) frequencies

Multi standard so you can use it all over Europe.

80 Channels
Mode: AM/FM
4 pin Mic socket in front panel
Blue Display Channel
AM/FM selector
Volume button
Manual squelch
Direct Access Channel 9 and 19
RX/TX led
UP/DOWN button
Internal loudspeaker
Jack plug for external speaker
Mounting bracket
Power lead 

26.965Mhz to 27.405Mhz CEPT
27.60125Mhz to 27.99125Mhz UK
Multiple Bands
8 Watts Output Power
AM/FM Operation
size APP 150x140x41mm

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