CB Radio Kit PNI Escort HP 7210 ASQ RF Gain 4W 12V CB Aerial PNI Extra 48 cu

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CB radio setup PNI Escort HP 7210

This CB radio is a mobile setup that can be used in any car with 12 V power supply. The device complies with the latest European standards. Thanks to the selectable rules by a simple combination of keys. PNI Escort HP 7110 can be used throughout Europe. After installation select the permitted norm in the country where you are.  The default setting is EC 40CH FM 4W.

CB PNI Escort HP 7210 radio station is extremely accessible and comfortable in use due to its small size. only 100 x 98 x 23 mm. You can fit the radio in the most confined spaces on board any car.

Screen and illuminated keys
The Illuminated Red screen displays numerous information such as: Current channel number. broadcast signal/reception and active functions. Also. the emission and reception are highlighted by red and green LEDs near the screen.

ASQ and RF Gain Adjustable
Although small. PNI Escort HP 7210 is equipped with most functions necessary for a CB workstation. thus satisfying the demands of any user. Functions such as RF Gain (9 levels). SQ (28 levels). Scan. Squelch automatic (9 levels). emergency or Lock (keypad lock) make the station easy to adapt to different communication needs.


Discreet and efficient
The CB PNI Extra 48 antenna is among the Timimoo smallest CB antennas (it has a height of just 45 cm). Its reduced dimensions make it almost unscaled. confusing easily with the radio antenna. The average reception distance is 10 km.


Aerodynamic Design
The Extra 48 PNI antenna has a special anti-noise design that allows the air to slide around the spout. eliminating wind noise.
The antenna is calibrated from the factory. so all you have to do is connect it to the radio and mount the (magnetic) aerial on the roof of the car


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