CB radio handheld PNI Escort HP 62 CB antenna Magnetic base CB kit

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PNI Escort HP-62 is an attractive CB portable radio:

broadcasting and receiving on the most popular AM and FM broadcasts
standard 4W power (such as CB radios for fixed installation)
powered by a 12V car adapter only! NO battery pack/case included
automatic and manual squelch
RF gain – receiver sensitivity adjustment
readable analysis
channel scanning
DualWatch – listening for two frequencies
multistandard – can be used in many European countries.

PNI Escort HP-62 is a hand-held CB radio (27MHz) – a very good price-performance ratio.

current channel
covered by modulation
enabled by active functions
incoming signal strength.

Includes a car adapter that can be plugged into the cigarette lighter socket and connect an external CB antenna.

The set looks aesthetically pleasing and is very handy.

Like most modern radios. the PNI Escort HP 62 is multistandard which allows you to adjust the frequency range and transmission power for use in specific countries.

Headphone connector compatible e.g. with Alan 42 (standard Midland L). Also included is the aesthetic cover of the sockets (useful e.g. When using a car adapter).

Additional accessories that can be purchased for this model of radio:

Albrecht SM-400 speaker microphone
Midland MA-24-L microphone headset
Midland MA-30-L headphone microphone
Midland MA-26-L speaker microphone with range control
Albrecht SM-500 drip-proof loudspeaker
longer Hyflex hand antenna


CB antenna. discreet and efficient
The PNI Extra 48 antenna is among the smallest CB antennas (it has a height of only 45 cm) and can be mounted on both cars. utility vehicles or minibuses. Its small size makes it almost unsuitable. easily confused with the radio antenna. The average reception distance is 10 km.
Anti-noise design
CB PNI Extra 48 antenna has a special anti-noise design that allows air to slide around the spike. eliminating wind noise that may disrupt communication.


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