cb aerial extension lead 2 x pl259 4m long high quality rg58 and pl258 coupler

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4 metres of Extremely High Quality RG-58 with 2 PL-259.

This RG58 has a tight woven 95% braid and is recommended for:

  • Ham Radio
  • CB Radio
  • Scanners

Standard 2.5m length made by ourselfs using High quality RG58 cable and plugs.

We can make any length required!

Coax Specifications:
1) 19X0.18mm Tinned Copper* +2.95mm Solid PE + + 95% Tinned Copper Braiding +4.95 mm PVC

*What Is Tinned Copper Wire?

Copper wire possesses exceptional conductivity. making it an essential component in many electrical systems. Coating the wire with tin provides it with even more durability and strength.


In tinned copper wire. each strand of copper is coated with tin.


Tinned copper wire lasts up to 10 times longer than non-tinned wire. It also resists water corrosion and provides enhanced conductivity Therefor Excellent for aerial applications.


Due to its improved water resistance. tinned copper wire is often used in boating and various marine projects. It can also be found in overhead power sources such as those in the light and heavy transit systems.


Tinned copper wire is more expensive than non-tinned wire. However. the initial expenditure can prove prudent over time thanks to the tinned copper wire’s increased longevity.

With Thousands of Happy Customers and the odd one we doubt any one could ever please you can truly Buy from us with confidence!!

Check our  if different length is required


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