2x Single Cable Bushes Feed Through Wall Cover Coaxial Hole...

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2x feed thru Cable Bushes Cover Hole Tidy Cap for RG58 RG8x

The feed through bushing is designed to cover damaged brickwork. plasterboard. wood or other materials where a cable enters or exits the exterior/interior of a building. 

They can be glued into position with silicone sealant or you don’t want to rely on the self-gripping mechanism. The bushing helps protect the cable from damage and when installed with silicone will help prevent the ingress of water into the hole in the brickwork. 


Round Cap: 31mm (diameter)
Depth: The bushing is 27mm deep
Max Cable Diameter – The thickest cable this grommet will accept is 8mm
Cut-out – A cut out of 10mm is required for this bushing.  

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