2″ inch lift kit STD Duty for Toyota Land-Cruiser 100 Amazon AHC replacement

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2″ suspension lift kit Standard Duty for the Toyota Land Cruiser Amazon 100.

This is a complete Kit with springs and shocks for the back and torsion bars and shocks for the front.

The Toyota Landcruiser has a fantastic reliability record… apart from a few little things like the AHC (Active Height Control) system on the 100 series.

The system itself gives a fantastic ride and the ability to alter the ride height while on the move.. when everything works!

How it works?

The AHC system has a level sensor on both front corners and then one on the rear axle. The ECU uses these sensors to adjust the ride height by regulating the amount of hydraulic pressure into each suspension strut.

Toyota used gas charged Spheres to work as assistant springs and these are adjusted again from the ECU depending on whether the system asks for a greater or lesser spring rate.

The system uses a combination of support from both torsion bars (front) and coil springs (rear) and from the struts (Spheres).

What goes wrong?

The height level sensors fail (£315.39 plus vat each)*
The Gas charged Spheres slowly discharge (£605.00 plus vat (front) and £644.00 plus vat (rear) each)*.
The hydraulic pump fails (£701.00 plus vat)*

*All prices are correct from Toyota parts as of 8.8.13

There are more parts within the AHC systems but these are the most common parts to fail. The prices are only for the parts and do not include fitting.

As the vehicle ages. so do the springs and they get weaker at the same time. The problem with a system that uses support from both the springs and struts and is self levelling is that as the springs give less support. the system tries to compensate and the pressures at each strut slowly go higher and higher until the system can no longer keep the vehicle at it’s required height (this happens a lot sooner if you regularly load your 100 series up) and warning lights start to appear on the dash board. This is the point at which components will fail rapidly and things get expensive.

Here at UK 4×4 Centre. we love the Landcruiser but we’re more a fan of conventional spring and dampers than complicated expensive systems that once over 10 years old. start failing.

We offer a conversion kit from the original AHC system to a conventional spring and damper suspension that may not give you ride height adjustment. but it’ll keep your 100 series Landcruiser reliable for many years to come.

We can offer a standard height or raised height conversion kit to suit your needs.

Please note that the torsion bar length is different depending on which engine is fitted to your 100 series Landcruiser. this listing is for the 4.7 V8 so please mention your engine size upon checkout and we will send the right torsion bars for your vehicle

comes in 3 boxes

Box 1 @ 14kg – 55cm x 20cm x 18cm

Box 2 @ 17.2kg – 124cm x 14cm x 7cm

Box 3 @ 19kg – 63cm x 48cm x 25cm

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Weight 15 kg


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