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Coast-to-coast Speed Record Car Updated With Latest Technology

It has been 13 years since Matt Figliola decked out a vehicle with the latest radar, radio, GPS monitoring system and performance equipment to journey across America.

His efforts were not in vain, and he managed to create the best coast-to-coast speed record car of the time, travelling across the US in just 32 hours and seven minutes.

However, this record was set in 1983 and many car technologies have vastly improved since then, including the introduction of dashcams and GoPros.

Despite this, Matt and his team managed to break a record with Alex Roy’s – from The Drive – E39 Polizei BMW M5 vehicle.

After he stopped by Matt’s shop Ai Design all those years ago, the car fitter could not help but be sucked into the exciting challenge.

They managed to pull it off by installing the vehicle with Kelleners sports exhaust, Kelleners swaybards, Specterguard anti-photo license plate covers for both the front and rear of the vehicle, a Dinan stage-one chip, Brembo GT brake kits and UUC short throw shift kit.

The team also used a Uniden PRO520 XL CB Radio in custom overhead mount to help the driver keep contact throughout the journey, while a L3 ‘Night Driver’ thermal camera was installed in the front bumper with twin Alpine seven-inch displays fitted for the driver and co-pilot.

Among the other technologies used were a Garmin 2650 GPS unit with dead reckoning and roof mount antenna, an internal XM antenna, Nav-TV integrated in OEM-Dash display, and a dash-mounted speedometer GPS-verified and slaved to wheelspin.

The project has recently been part of APEX’s documentary entitled APEX: The Secret Race Across America, which is due to hit screens in April this year. This will look at how new technologies could be used to break the impressive record of the 1980s.

Many people still rely on CB network radios as an essential part of their motoring experience, allowing them to maintain communication during their drive.

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