Caucasian Semi Truck Driver Talking on the CB Radio with Other Truckers in a Convoy.

CB Radios: Helping Truckers Forge Friendships

In the modern world of the internet and smartphones, you might be wondering whether CB radios still have a place. But in some sectors, they’re very much an important part of daily life.

For long-distance truckers, they are seen as an essential communication tool. An article for Aggregates Manager recently told the story of two truckers who have built a friendship over the radio waves.

Ricki Mancebo and Dave Engelking are both drivers in the Graniterock transportation team. They can each cover up to 400 miles a day, and when you’re driving long distances in a cab, it can be a little lonely.

The pair have both been working for the firm for decades, and due to their years of experience behind the wheel are often the ones called upon for difficult delivery jobs or to help with the training and mentoring of new staff.

Ms Mancebo also has the honour of being the longest-serving female driver in the firm’s history, having started with them back in 1978.

She added that because it can be such a challenging job, everyone on the team has one another’s backs. “We’re here to build confidence, not to tear each other down,” she asserted.

Although her and Mr Engelking are rarely in the same physical location at the same time, they spend hours chatting back and forth on their two-way radios while making their deliveries.

And it’s not only truckers who use CB radios. Barry May, who has stood on a bridge over the busy A19 road in the UK for years giving friendly waves to motorists, also uses a CB radio to chat to the truckers on his route.

However, recently he’s been without his radio so a few of the truckers who regularly drive on this stretch of road have offered to replace it for him, Teesside Live reported.

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